Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy



Sean Ward, Robotics Engineer

I am a Robotics Engineer with a passion for developing new technology and sharing my expertise with others

I have a Master's in Mechanical Engineering, with an Emphasis in Robotics and Control Systems. I have applied this education in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Research, Manufacturing and developing custom products for individuals and companies alike.

With Certifications in Online Teaching, I thoroughly enjoy sharing my expertise in robotics and engineering with others.


Constant Iteration 

Innovation starts with a vision, and is achieved through incremental improvement along the way to reach that vision. My approach when working with clients follows this roadmap. I maintain a high level of communication, and constant iteration to help bring your vision into reality.

The same is true when learning new things. My approach to training others is constant, hands-on "doing". We incrementally add new concepts and skills, but constantly cement these concepts through "learning by doing".

Image by Jelleke Vanooteghem