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Our Work

We specialize in development, test, and building of Autonomous Vehicles using the Ardupilot, PX4, Mission Planner and QGroundControl platforms. Novel airframes, custom stack development and unique sensor/payload integration cover a few areas of expertise.

MAVR - Mavlink Bridge to VR Control

Initial demo of the MAVR, a bridge to control all Mavlink vehicles (drones, rovers, fixed wing) in a VR environment. Control vehicles more easily, increase situational awareness and decrease pilot cognitive load with MAVR.

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MavCommander Voice Control Unit

Your drone is lonely, talk to it!


The MavCommander Voice Control Unit is a product aimed to ease the hassle of autonomous vehicle control and allow anyone to easily control their vehicle in the field. Some applications require more flexibility than a traditional Ground Control Station, and the MavCommander allows your autonomous vehicle to be less of a burden and more of a teammate. Supports: ArduPilot, PX4, DJI Multi-Rotors, Fixed Wing, Rovers.


One voice to rule them all.

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Ardupilot Tiltrotor eVTOL Development

We make stuff fly too! Recently, we have been working with the coolest aerospace startup around, Hopflyt ( Their novel channel wing design is one of a kind, and has provided the opportunity to dive headfirst into custom Ardupilot development, Lua Scripting, RealFlight simulation, and much more. Looking forward to continuing to assist with flight controls and flight testing for their line of cutting edge eVTOLs.

Autonomous ArduRover Builds

Two examples of Autonomous ArduRover builds for clients. The first UGV was contracted for a Phase I AFWerx SBIR awardee. The second seen was developed to leverage autonomous systems in the roofing industry.


Some highlights are BendyRuler Obstacle Avoidance (360 Lidar), Simple Obstacle Avoidance (Single Point Rangefinder), GPS Follow Me, RTK GPS, Auto Trigger Pin, Long Range Telemetry, Long Range RC, Long Range Video Transmission, and Remote Relay Triggering.

Inverted Descent Quadrotor

A project for The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command - DEVCOM , the Inverted Descent Quadrotor served to prove the viability of standard quadrotor hardware as an alternative for low weight, high consequence aerial delivery. The final functional system ran a custom branch of the PX4 flight stack to enable inverted descent.


The project proved to be a more efficient method of descent for quadrotors, and the work was published in MOSpace, the AIAA SciTech Forum, and presented in the NASA Space Grant Consortium annual conference.

Pixhawk Navigation Unit

The Modular Autonomous Navigation Unit we have developed is our vision to reduce development time and costs associated with new applications or vehicles.


Eliminate the growing pains of integrating an existing vehicle into the ArduPilot ecosystem. Plug in a power supply and the motor outputs of your vehicle and immediately reap the benefits of ArduPilot.



- Pixhawk Flight Controller

- M8N GPS providing Autonomous Navigation

- TF Mini Plus Lidar for Obstacle Avoidance

- 3DR Telemetry Radio providing Real Time Ground Station Monitoring and Control

ArduRover Simulation

Check out the phenomenal work from our 2023 summer interns. They did a fantastic job in their projects, ranging from customizing Mission Planner to vetting a Gazebo ArduRover simulation environment. 

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