Our Work

We at Canyon View Technology are engineers, programmers, and designers driven to breathe life into new technology. We push the bounds of what is possible in the robotics field, with  proven track record of success with individual inventors as well as established companies requiring technical help.

XFactor Technology

Hitting Training System

Working with XFactor Technology we helped develop the patent pending Baseball Training System. Work was done developing a Python based Graphical User Interface (GUI) and custom hardware that measured swing data and communicated to the GUI via Bluetooth.

Jaw TMJ System

The Jaw TMJ Sensor was developed to train the user help combat this chronic condition. The custom hardware used the Arduino platform for a microcontroller, logged data to SD, and an ergonomic design.

Inverted Descent Quadrotor

Funded by the U.S. Army, the project consisted of proving inverted quadrotor descent as a viable alternative for low weight, high consequence aerial delivery. The final functional system ran custom C++ firmware in the PX4 flight stack to enable inverted descent.


The project proved to be a more efficient method of descent for quadrotors, and the work was published in MOSpace, the AIAA SciTech Forum, and presented in the NASA Space Grant Consortium annual conference.

Time Bomb Development

The Time Bomb was a puzzle for a local Escape Room in a state of disrepair. Development work was done to convert the unusable room back into a functioning, revenue generating room for the Escape Room. 

Pan's Quest Development

Pan's Quest is a child focused, Peter Pan themed room for a local Escape Room. Development was done to implement a system in which the Game Master's could interact with the children, present information and give clues as Peter Pan himself.